Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween Tattoos and Art

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It's the season of the spooky and fancy dress. Yes I am a day early - but I'm way too excited!

I love a bit of Halloween. I'm desperate for a house and kids so I can throw amazing Halloween parties with carved pumpkins, cobwebs everywhere (the fake ones, rather than the I haven't cleaned in a month ones), jelly eyeballs in cocktails and everyone dressed up as their favourite Halloween character.

So it only seems right to share some of my favourite Halloween-inspired art, flash and tattoos on this, the scariest day in the calendar.
Tomorrow see's so many tattooists doing flash days, I really do wish I had some available funds. One day! The closest I have to a Halloween inspired tattoo is my black cat tattoo on my arm, but that's more for my witches cat, Archimedes than for Halloween.

So here's some inspiration for you:

Do you have a Halloween tattoo? Share below!
*Images from Pinterest

Monday, 27 October 2014

Tattoos and natural beauty

My Instagram account is basically my platform to find tattoo inspiration and beautiful images.
So when the two are combined I'm one very happy girl.
I posted this image to my Instagram last week:

Its an image of tattoo model Katy Gold.
Personally I think she is one of the most beautiful girls on the planet. But I know so many people will say that "such a pretty girl shouldn't ruin her body with so many tattoos".
In fact I've been asked a similar question linked to my tattoos:
"Are you going to stop soon?"

To me though, tattoos enhance beauty. They invoke confidence. They tell a story. Whether in black and white, or full colour. One small design, or an all over body suit. I mean, have you seen Cervena Fox? She's simply stunning, and was involved in the recent Human Gallery in London, which was curated by the equally beautiful Cally Jo Pothecary. These girls are as famous for their tattoos as they are for their looks. Along with Katy Gold, they are all extensively covered in tattoos, but are incredibly beautiful and kind people. 
Being a female with tattoos doesn't make me butch or ugly, or any less of a woman than anyone else. And vice versa.
My boudoir shoot really proved how anyone can look and feel comfortable in their own skin, no matter what they look like.  

Unfortunately not everyone thinks this. Take the article from which is making the rounds on social media at the moment which states that women with tattoos and piercings are broken (I really don't want to link the article as driving more traffic to it will only egg the misogynistic writer on further - but I will for the sake of unbiased commentary). 
It is basically one man's tirade at tattooed women after he had his heartbroken, and he has decided to wrongly tarnish all women with same brush and insultingly describe all tattooed women as boring sl*ts with no foresight, selfish tendencies and to add insult to injury, are mentally ill! 

Of course people are entitled to their own opinion. Just a shame that the aforementioned writer has pretty terrible opinions. 

But I'm more interested in your opinions? 
Do you think tattoos take away from a persons beauty? 

Friday, 24 October 2014

FASHION: Beadesaurus Alternative Fashion

My home clothes and my work clothes are really two worlds apart.
At work I am in heels, dresses and blazers. Fashionably smart.
But at home, I'm a little more relaxed. I like to think I have a relaxed alternative style; all about black leggings, sneakers and tattoo inspired t-shirts and baseball tops. Or in the colder weather a knitted jumper. I keep my style simple to work with my tattoos.

My favourite place to search out new alternative fashion is at Tattoo Conventions - so let me introduce Beadesaurus.
This little store is a husband and wife team (plus some staff members to help out) that specialise in tattoo inspired fashion and accessories. They can be found at a lot of the larger tattoo conventions including London and Brighton. They are really affordable, and quite unique, with a mix of women's, men's, kid's and home items to purchase.

So here are a few of my favourites from their website:

My absolute favourite has to be that Loungefly Handbag. I think it is going to go to the top of my Christmas wishlist. 
And THAT shower curtain! I'm in love. I am really feeling this for my new bathroom. 

Lastly, if you want your bubby to be the epitome of cool and alternative, they have a truly enviable collection of baby grows with old school tattoos. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Lifestyle: Look around my home

My little flat shared with my husband and two cats is my favourite place to be. It is filled with mementoes from our lives together. As we are currently looking for a new house to buy, it seemed the right time to share what my last rented flat looks like, before we take the leap to a grown up house!

I like to think of my flat as a cross between an art gallery and a natural museum. Of course we have the usual family photographs, especially from our wedding and bits and pieces from our travels.

We are both big tattoo and art fans, so are getting quite the collection including prints from:

  • Dani Green
  • Jenna Kerr
  • Ramon Maiden
  • Darryl Watson
  • Amy Victoria Savage
  • Tiny Miss Becca
  • Courtney James
  • Kerry Evans
  • Draw Me A Monkey
  • Dawnii Fantana
  • Saranna Blair

Plus originals and prints from our travels.

We also have a growing collection of taxidermy and entomology. Our aim is to buy a glass cabinet for our next home and have a curiosities cabinet. Our collection currently contains:

  • Framed butterflies and moths
  • Beetles in acrylic
  • Taxidermy Duckling
  • Framed bird wing
  • Roe Deer half skull and antlers on shield
  • Carved Ostrich egg
  • Carved Warthog tusk (picked up on my travels to South Africa)
  • Red Fox skull
  • Collection of Wallaby bones
  • Lucky Rabbit foot 

Looking at those lists, we might have a problem! And we need to move so we can fit in more.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Why I love Autumn

I love Autumn. It is my favourite season if I'm totally honest. With spring being shortly behind.

  • Hot chocolate, and lattes.
  • Proper fires and melting marshmallows.
  • Oranges and reds of the autumn leaves.
  • Candles.
  • Blankets.
  • Hot baths.
  • Knitted jumpers and woollen hats and scarves.
  • Boots. 
  • Homemade soap.
  • Roast dinners, mashed potato and pies, crumbles in any flavour with hot custard.

But as a heavily tattooed girl, I'm not expected to like autumn, or winter as it inevitably means I have to cover my tattoos. Fortunately I love knitwear. Like really love it. I'm known for my animal jumpers.
Although I love having my tattoos out, autumn does give a slight reprieve from the stares that follow almost everywhere I go.
Don't get me wrong, the stares don't entirely bother me but it is nice to occasionally not be treated differently just because I'm a female with a sleeve. 

What do you love about autumn?
*all images from Pinterest