Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Alternative Christmas Gifts under £50

So you're  buying for that someone special, or you've  been saving for the last nine months and are going to be everyone's best friend this festive season with your sheer generosity.
Of course this range is the most fun...

Gifts under £50:

1. For a sophisticated present, with a fun twist this teacup is the epitome of cute. 

2. For the cat lover (because 90% of people love cats, right?) this crop top is awesome and fun. Plus you can get matching knickers for lounging at home. 

3. My love for Disturbia is just getting stronger, so I have to include this Storm dress

4. Geek alert! I love fossils and dead creatures and things we can learn from. These are great in a house filled with curiosities, and the Weird and Wonderful has a great collection at around £27.50

5. Can't afford a real head mount, or dead animals not really your thing, how about this Laser Cut Deer Mount? Could even be painted or decoupaged to add a personal touch.  

6. Or if you fancy something pretty, how about a real framed butterfly. Again the Weird and Wonderful has a staggering collection, though be warned they sell out super fast.

So what are you treating your loved ones to this Christmas?
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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Alternative Princess Girly Gifts

I'm a bit of a contradiction. I wear lots of black for my home wear, I love taxidermy and tattoos, but I also love princesses and Disney.

My best friends share my Disney obsessions, and now I'm going to share some gift ideas for your very own princess friend.

1. With a best friend who is in love with the Little Mermaid I always have my eyes pealed for anything with Ariel on. I love this tops twist on a classic tale, and who wouldn't love to have a mermaid tale and clam bra? Also available in a mix of colours, though the blue bow is so Ariel!

2. Any girl who loves her Disney is almost definitely going to love unicorns too! And this jewellery holder would look perfect on any girly bedroom table.

3. Ok, these might not be the cheapest present to buy, but they will make any Nightmare Before Christmas fan truly happy. In fact the whole collection from Black Milk Clothing is outstanding. I posted about their Disney collection here. And it just keeps getting better!

4. Although I don't have an iPhone, the cases alone make me want one. Check out these amazing original designs at Society 6, and all created by independent designers and artists.

5. Again with the unicorns - snuggly perfection right here in a onesie.

6. As a huge fan of baseball shirts this one was hard to ignore. Plus I love the artist Megan Lara.

7. For your favourite artsy friend, colouring pencils inspired by Disney.

8. Not usually a fan of tie die, or 'tattooed princesses' but this t-shirt is actually pretty cute. Obviously in blue, but also available in other colours.

9. Disney and Starbucks?!?!? Is there anything better for a coffee lover?

What are you buying for your favourite princess?

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Alternative Christmas Gifts under £25

Gradually moving up the spend limit, here is when the fun really starts. There is so much to find in this range for the chicks.
Here's my pick of gifts under £25 for your favourite lady

1. I'm sorry if you've seen these in my last gift post, but these are just too good not to share. I love these temporary tattoos, and this one specifically is AMAZING! I actually want the badger design as a real tattoo!

2. Totally in love with this. Baseball shirt - for relaxing, and pizza, because no sane person dislikes pizza. 

3. For cat fans, this mug is a must-have. 

4. Want to add something unique to someone's home. Well these roe deer antlers are a fabulous addition for the taxidermy lover. Each is completely individual and one of a kind, and brings a lovely old English feel to any home. 

5. Floral perfection from Crown and Glory with this black rose headband. Available in three sizes, and a multitude of colours, these are perfect for any girly girl. 

6. For something a little different, these pillows are ticking every box. The Japanese design is so stereotypical of traditional Japanese artwork, and will be a favourite for tattoo lovers. 

7. It was a really difficult decision to decide which art print to show you from Parlor Tattoo. Movie fans, with a particular love for dark and horror films will love the tattoo styled prints available. Personal favourites have to be Morticia and Gomez, and Edward Scissorhands.

8. Complete any outfit with this traditional theme scarf, perfect for winter, and spring.

What's at the top of your gift guides?
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Saturday, 6 December 2014

A geeky gift guide

My household is a little on the geeky side.
We play Playstation games, we love lego, we completely nerd out over natural history. My husband goes made for code, and I am nuts about design.

So what better way to celebrate our geek side, than with a gift guide/wishlist of items for the geeky couple!

1. For the bat lady in your life, why not go for this scarf. These are limited, but a cute spin on the geek classic.

2. Myself and hubby are slightly obsessed with the Lego Batman (and Marvel) series, so Lego Batman 3 is definitely high on our respective wishlists - lets just hope we don't both have the same idea!

3. For the anatomy geek this personalised brain print is a great main present.

4. A lover of Star Wars, then these key covers might just be the best stocking filler.

5. Or if your prefer superheroes, AND lego, these keyrings should be in your stocking.

6. For the writers amongst you, which includes me, these geek pencils are also great for stockings, or perhaps Secret Santa?

7. And you can't have pencils without a case for them right?

8. To be honest, this is the probably my favourite of the lot. Its science geekery at its best, but with a girly twist. But it isn't cheap at £37.50, but honestly, what home is complete without a test tube vase?

What are you buying for your favourite geek guy or gal?

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Alternative Christmas Gifts under £10

So you need a mini gift for a friend  or something different to add to the pile... well I've  got your alternative bum covered. 

Being a fan of lots of little gifts for others, I love searching for quirky gifts at affordable prices. 

So here's my top gifts under £10 for the alternative lady!

1. Who doesn't love old books. So nostalgic and filled with mystery. And what girl doesn't love a good candle. So combine the two for the girl who loves a curling up in a corner with a book, in the candle light (N.B. must have good eye-sight) 
*shipping to the UK is £12.47 from Minneapolis, USA

2. I've already shown my love for Disturbia, and anyone who knows me, knows my love for wine, so this woolly hat is perfection for the winter season. 

3. As a true tattoo lover, I'm not usually one to talk temporary tattoos - but these are a whole different story! Starting at £3.95 each dependent on size, these are fab for anyone wanting to try a tattoo without taking the plunge, and it not be covered in glitter!

4. For the technological tattoo lover, how about these Ipad stickers? Put a traditional twist on a new item. 

5. After the release of Maleficent, I have a new found love for the evil sorceress, and as an art lover this is just beautiful. Buy for the girl that loves the villains than the princesses!

So what are your top under £10 gifts this Christmas?
Leave links to items and your posts in the comments please.