Wednesday, 19 November 2014

What to do in Paris for a weekend

As a birthday treat, hubby took me for a long weekend to Paris... i know, lucky girl.
So i thought I'd  share some of my hints and tips for a trip to Paris, and share some of my photos. 

Tip One: Buy a Paris Pass

This little gem comes with a museum pass and a Metro pass for the duration of your stay (2 or 4 days). It gives you free access to a lot of the museums and attractions around the city, and queue jump in some of them, including  the Louvre.

Tip Two: Go on a boat cruise

After the Arc De Triomphe we wandered  over to the Eiffel Tower, and went on a tourist  one-hour boat cruise on the Seine  (included in the Paris Pass). I would  highly  recommend the cruise in the evening, especially as ours finished back at the Eiffel Tower which is just beautiful at night time.

Tip Three: Go to the Paris Catacombs

Now if you don't  like queuing you need tp get there early. They open at 10am, we arrived at 11am and had to queue for three hours to get in. Don't  get me wrong, it is totally worth it when you do get in, the sheer scale of the bones down there is astonishing. 

Tip Four: Make plenty of time for the Louvre

We spent five hours  in the Louvre on my birthday. We got there at opening, and headed straight  to the Mona Lisa (the crowds get insane later in the day). We then just wandered  everywhere. And i mean everywhere.

Tip Five: Book a wine-tasting class

We booked at O'Chateau via our Paris Pass. It was an hour,  tasting three different french wines, and learning about the industry and wine in general.  I would highly recommend  upgrading  to include  the cheese and meat boards to compliment the wine, it also stops you getting  tipsy at three in the afternoon!

Have you been to Paris?
What was your favourite place to visit?

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Birthday Gifts for a Tattooed Girl

So on monday I turned 25. A quarter of a Century. To celebrate, hubby took me to Paris for four days. I know... lucky lady right?!

So I thought I would cover the best gifts for a tattooed girl.

One of my top presents, from hubby, was my cat Vans. I mean just look at them! Perfect for any crazy cat lady who loves her sneakers!

Then of course, like most girls, I'm a princess at heart so Disney gifts are always happily received. The notebook and mug were picked up from the Disney store on the Champs Elysee. The wine glass was from my amazing best friend Aimee. As a lover of wine (besotted might also be a way to describe it) this glass is just too perfect.  

My wine affair was further reinforces by my baby sister who sent me this magnet.

I also received lots of nicknaks. And of course money. 

So what to spend it on? Seems only right to get myself a little treat!
So I turned to the Internet of course.
My favourites -
  • Disturbia
  • Cranfield Curiositys
  • The Weird and Wonderful
  • Drop Dead Clothing
  • Pretty much anything on Not on the High Street
  • In to the Fox Den

What's your favourite place to buy birthday gifts?

Friday, 7 November 2014

FASHION: Alternative Clothing from Disturbia

I am always on the look out for new fashion items, and I'm always re-evaluating my style. 
My current style for home wear is relaxed, alternative fashion. Because my work wear is more structured, with dresses, pencil skirts and heels I like to have a more chilled outfit for home: Leggings, jeans, tees, baseball tops, skater dresses and boyfriend cardigans. Mix with boots, converse or pumps and I am one happy lass. 

When I discovered Disturbia via Cally-Jo's Instagram account I knew I had to go take a look, and I wasn't disappointed. 

I'm totally in love with the Storm Dress (top right). Paired with tights, an oversized black cardigan and boots this is the perfect Saturday outfit. 

The Myxamatosis Unisex Baseball top (bottom middle) is also high on my wishlist! With black jeans (that reminds me, I need new jeans) and white converse, it finishes off the weekend looks. And for a splash of colour in the cold - well it has to be the Goth Wino hat (bottom left). Because anyone who knows me, knows about my love affair with wine. 

For my inner Wednesday Adams - it has to be the Wednesday Dress (top middle). And I'm feeling it with knee high socks and pumps. Who else is loving the twist on the classic style with the upside-down pentagram on the back?

The Runes Top (top left) like the Myxamatosis Baseball is a weekend classic, or perfect for the evenings, and with long sleeves, perfect for the Autumn season. 

And last but by no means least is the Ritual Necklace. Complimenting any and all outfits. Though could be swapped onto a longer chain to make a bigger impact. 

What items do you love?
Share your current wishlist in the comments below - I would love to check them out!

Monday, 3 November 2014

The sternum tattoo - the new fashion statement

If you're  like me, you'll love looking at tattoos on Pinterest and Instagram,  and being inspired by others tattoo work.
And you will have noticed over the years that there tends to be a trend within tattoos,  especially in the more mainstream community.  The 90's saw the rise of the tribal armband,  and the 00s saw a lot of love for the lower back or affectionately  named 'tramp stamp'. 

Recently I've noticed a trend in sternum or under-boob tattoos. They are cropping up on Instagram and Pinterest in all sorts of styles, from neo-traditional full colour,  to intricate black and white dot work.

Now I'm not saying this is a bad thing. At least with this placement it is very easily covered and it is very complimentary to the female shape. Although that being said it is a tough spot to have tattooed and that baby bump, if you are that way inclined, is going to affect it. 

Some of the popularity  lies in the increased awareness of larger tattoos from Pinterest and Instagram, but of course, also from celebrities. Rhianna is known for her tattoos and her sternum tattoo will have only increased their popularity. 

What do you think of sternum tattoos?

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween Tattoos and Art

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It's the season of the spooky and fancy dress. Yes I am a day early - but I'm way too excited!

I love a bit of Halloween. I'm desperate for a house and kids so I can throw amazing Halloween parties with carved pumpkins, cobwebs everywhere (the fake ones, rather than the I haven't cleaned in a month ones), jelly eyeballs in cocktails and everyone dressed up as their favourite Halloween character.

So it only seems right to share some of my favourite Halloween-inspired art, flash and tattoos on this, the scariest day in the calendar.
Tomorrow see's so many tattooists doing flash days, I really do wish I had some available funds. One day! The closest I have to a Halloween inspired tattoo is my black cat tattoo on my arm, but that's more for my witches cat, Archimedes than for Halloween.

So here's some inspiration for you:

Do you have a Halloween tattoo? Share below!
*Images from Pinterest